Company new

Foreign trade sales

Place:  Guangzhou
Salary:  Fixed salary + performance salary + commission + bonuses, social insurance
Count:  1
Sex:  women
Age:  >20
Condition:  English CET 4, CET – 6 / TEM – 8 or above, good command of English speaking and listening, strong expression ability
Description: Company platform:
1.Through the company paid network platform (alibaba), independent development potential customers, and track maintenance good old customers.Has the very good development ability!
2. To understand and master some business negotiation skills and knowledge.
3.The use of fluent English and contact number in daily communication and contact with customers, to provide customers with quality service.
4. The system knowledge of related products.
5. Good command of foreign trade platform such as alibaba and made in China.



Contact: nic-light

Phone: 18925120865

Tel: 086-20-37813115


Add: Room 401, 4th Floor, Building A, Creative Park, 17th Society, Wanggang Industrial Road, Jiahe Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou